Friday, March 7, 2008

Brandons Art

Today I decided to post Brandon's pictures. These are all the pictures that he has made at home, the library, church or at school. Here he has a tree, canoe, a tepee with "moke" he couldn't say smoke and I couldn't figure out what he was saying until my friend Elise said "smoke". lol
I love "Brandon's love bug" and there is a picture
of Brandon on the rocket ship. How cute is that. The yellow one under Pres Washington is a robot with a dog and the one with a house is his family. I just think he is so talented.


SherMeree said...

Hi Jo,

I'm going to look up your blog more often. What a good idea about Brandon's pictures. blog is for work and really lame. What is it doing on your list. Yikes. Sharon

nmgirl said...

Thanks this site is wonderful to see how Brandon is doing and to get a site of what we have missed in years past. Thanks