Friday, March 14, 2008

Brandon and Kaitlyn playing

Brandon's friend Kaitlyn came over Wednesday to play with him. She is almost a year older than Brandon but they get along great together. Brandon and "En" playing. He can't say Kaitlyn so he calls her "En" I think it's supposed to be "Lyn" but doesn't pronounce the "L"
Brandon's favorite color is pink because it's Kaitlyns favorite color. Here they are playing with the Lincoln Logs that Brandon got for Christmas from Santa. They both love to pose for the camera it just cracks me up.

ta da.... Here is Brandon's house


SherMeree said...

I'm still tweaking the colors, but I think I'm getting it where the colors are better.

I really liked the LibraryThing. That's where I can list up to 200 hundred books, just by title. Then the site hooks up with and attachs the books cover up on your site along with other info. You write anything you want about the books, make tags for them, etc. And attach it to your blog. You can add Brandon's or your's favorite books to your site. That would be cool.

The next couple of lesson I'm doing are mash-ups. I'm suppose to smash some photos together, I think.

The RSS feeds and newreaders are next then maps on Travelblog.

Thanks for reading my boring blog. It's helped having comments to make it better. If I do use that blog professionally I need it to be more professional. Sharon

Jennie said...

I really like the changes you made on your blog and it's fun to see new pictures of Brandon on a frequent basis.
The mailman will be bringing a pkg for Brandon in a few days. There's something in it for each of you and they're not wrapped. lol

SherMeree said...

Ok, how do you have a picture and comments in the same section. I had my flickr picture (man in the snow) not move along with my comment about it. Do I comment in caption or what. Thanks.

And love the Librarything. You have way more books than I do. I wonder if you can connect with Deseret Book to display book covers?

MaryJo said...


After you click on "new post" click on the 3rd icon from the right. It should say "add image". I think you can add four images at a time or you can add them one at a time but they stack on top of each other you you want to make sure you have them in the order you want.


Yes, we recieved the package today. Brandon was very excited to get another package from the mailman. lol. We will call you later.