Friday, June 27, 2008

Desire of our Hearts By Sariah S Wilson

While I am waiting for the books on my list to come I thought I would review a book I read not to long ago. I chose Desire of our Hearts by Sariah S Wilson.
"You have two choices. You are to marry either Alma or Amulon." "This must be some sort of jest," she said in disbelief. "It is no jest," her father said. "You will go to the palace tomorrow before sundown with your decision." ...Sam leaned against a tall stone building for support. The wall felt cool against her forehead. It wouldn't be a difficult decision. It wasn't much of a decision at all. Alma seemed kind. Not that she believed such a thing was possible. How could any man who served the king be kind? It is a time of pleasure and luxury—if you belong to the inner circle of King Noah and his decadent priests. It is a time of servitude and deprivation if you don't. And if you dare to believe the bold words of the prophet Abinadi, it is a time to fear for your very life. In Desire of Our Hearts, LDS author Sariah S. Wilson weaves an intricate, suspenseful, and romantic narrative. Set against the backdrop of the Book of Mormon account of Alma's conversion and breathtaking escape as he leads a band of courageous believers toward religious freedom, this familar and beloved story is brimming with all the elements needed to make it a spiritual odyssey and a tender and timeless love story.

I loved this book! I like it when authors take a story that we know and make it bigger and better. Sure I thought how dangerous it was for Alma when I read Mosiah but my heart was pounding when the guards were hunting him down, hoping he would get away (duh!) lol. I thought this book was well written and I give it my thumbs up if anyone is interested in reading it. I let a friend borrow this book and she loved it too.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Swim test

Okay, so on Monday Brandon had his swimming test and he passed - yeah! Here's a couple more pics of his test.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last Swimming lesson before Testing

I am just so proud of Brandon. This is him learning how to float on his back and tummy for his lesson. This is Thursday lesson and yesterday was his test day. The water was a little nippy but the kids had fun anyway. The teacher had the children jump in the pool and Brandon was first - but she stepped back and didn't catch him. LOL Brandon thought it was so funny. Some of the other children kept telling her to come closer and to catch them but she had them all jump in the water not into her arms. lol


Jumping some

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Last Ice Skating Class

Last night we had dinner with the Aleethia org. This is the 4th time we have had dinner with them it's so nice to be able to get out and enjoy the evening. They take soldiers from both Walter Reed and Bethesda out to dinner. This is a wonderful cause so if anyone would like to donate money to any organization that helps wounded warriers check out the links on the right side of my blog.

So Brandon had his last ice skating class. He graduated from Tot 1 first day of class and was working on Tot 2 moves. He was so close to graduating. Here are some pics from his test and just goofing around.

Baby dance

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ice skating on Monday

Well, this is Brandon ice skating on Monday. He only has one more lesson before he is done for the summer. We might skate on Saturdays but they don't offer anymore lessons during the summer.

The teacher was being silly so the kids were doing silly dance behind her as they skated.

Working on swizzles.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Brandon's 4th swim lesson

Okay so I decided to take the camera and take pictures of his 4th lesson. Today was safety day. They each put on a life vest and climbed down the ladder and swam on their backs.Waiting in line to go down the ladder.
Going down.
A little help
All done, just sitting on the side waiting.
Waiting some more.
Back in the little pool - swimming.
Having fun

Friday, June 13, 2008

birthday party

A couple of weeks ago Brandon's friend Kaitlyn turned 5 years old. Here are some pictures from her party. This is Brandon playing "Pin the tail on the Donkey".
Kaitlyn taking a turn.
They live close to a beach so we took them over to cool off for a while. Elise made water balloon's for the kids and they enjoyed throwing them at each other.
Playing in the water.
A pic from "Babe Watch"
Opps! lost my shorts.
What am I supposed to do again.
Brandon's present to Kaitlyn.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Book Trek 2008

I decided to join the Summer Book Trek 2008. For all the rules click here. Don't forget if you link your blog reading list to the original you will be eligible for prizes. To read the reviews click here.
My reading list is:
FarWorld by Jeff Savage
Modest Proposal by Michele Bell
Fool Me Twice By Sephanie Black
Desire of our Hearts by Sariah S Wilson

Capitol Hill tour

My cousin and her husband were here in DC doing an internship for Senator Mike Crapo and Representative Mike Simpson both from Idaho. On Sara's last day she gave my family a tour of the capitol.
Love the decor
The Crew of the Space Ship Challenger (1986)
The Old Supreme Court Chamber

painting on the ceiling. Washington is in the middle with blue and green on either side.

Center in the Crypt.My cousin - Sara.
Miss you!

Monday, June 9, 2008

First swim lesson

So Brandon is taking swimming lessons. I don't know when we will be out of here so I decided to enroll him in a very quick two week swimming class. You are only allowed to take pictures the first and last class. So here are the pictures from today.
The teacher was splashing the kids :)
He was having them all jump in the water.
Splashing, and more splashing.
They were clear on the other side of the pool so it's a little blurry. I'm not sure what they were doing.


more swimming