Thursday, August 27, 2009


So my baby started kindergarten...sigh! Didn't I just bring him home from CA? He was excited but a little nervous to go on the first day but now seems fine with everything. Here are some kindergarten pictures:
being goofy

"you can't take my picture if you can't see my face."

What a handsome little boy (my new favorite picture).

Lunch after the big day (no more pictures mom).

Braaaaaandonnnnn, turn and look at mommy :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

zoo, firworks and water

Since I've moved back to Utah, I haven't been very good at blogging but here are some pictures of when we went to the zoo, the 24th and played in some water.
The zoo
The wolf

A snake slide.

An egg.

My garden

Yeah, the grass doesn't look so good, the sun really fried it.
THE 24th of JULY

Cool fireworks, Daddy!

playing with friends...
I can go really fast...
Yeah, the sprinkler just came on.

Riding his bike

Playing in the water...