Saturday, August 4, 2012

May family Ranch

This is Brandon fishing in  2007.

Brandon going down the water slide 2007.
Brandon fishing 2010.
Brandon and Jayden 2010.
Brandon fishing 2012.
Brandon and Jayden 2012.


Brandon and Jenn being silly.

Going for a walk Mom!
Walking with Aunt Lezlie.

Brandon and Jayden.
The pickle chair.


The top ones are Jen brushing her teeth and looking cute. The bottom two are at Tracey aviary. Brandon was brave and volunteered. Go Brandon!


Went down south for the eclipse.


Brandon had his first Pinewood Derby!
 Jen hunting for eggs.
Brandon hunting for eggs.


Rich's mom and sister came to visit.

 Jen is just too cute!
Brandon was baptized.
Chris and Kate got married.