Monday, September 1, 2008

DC at night

Since we are leaving I thought we should do a DC by night. It's harder to get really good pictures (Austin!!!!) in the dark :)
This is Brandon eating his french fries at Walter Reed before the tour.

I don't remember what this is called (other than a cannon Lezlie and Austin!) It's up by Walter Reed, the bus driver thought we might be interested. It had two cannons but had spaces for about six. It also had a closed bunker. It would be a little strange having these cannons aimed at my house but that's what they are aimed at - houses across the street. This was in the same area.
Iwo Jima (look at the bottom and see that cute little boy - he's mine :) Now the pictures are a little harder to see because it's getting dark.
This is inside Union Station.
World War II Memorial. This was really cool. In one direction you had the Washington Monument and in the other the Lincoln Memorial. This is a picture taken by someone else that I found on the web. It shows the WWII and the Washington Monument.This on is hard to see. It's the Lincoln Memorial..... I went there last Nov with my parents so, I think I will show you those pictures so you have a better idea of what they look like.

This is the Korean Memorial...a picture of last Nov.

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Scooter & Emi said...

You've got me pegged! I'm a sucker for pictures! Even the nighttime ones were good--especially the one of the lit Lincoln (waiiiit... that didn't sound very good. Was Lincoln ever lit? ha ha)